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AK Press Holiday Sale 2k9

Posted on December 23rd, 2009 in AK Distribution, Happenings

With the holiday season thankfully nearing its close, another night of cheap books, good beer, good company and a variety of free vegan snacks has come and gone. I’m recapping for you, of course, the 2009 AK Press Holiday Sale.

We decked out the common space of the AK warehouse in cheerful holiday lights to set the mood (ok, and also because the common space is usually totally dark). We set out our tables and tables’ worth of sale books (really there were tons!), and hung up all our cheap shirts in the most attractive fashion imaginable…

(Irresistible, am I right?)

Suzanne made two huge platters of her famous semi-annual finger sandwiches…

I set out a tray of chocolate raspberry mini-cupcakes…

And our friend Dan, as always, tapped the keg and brought the holiday jams.

(As you can see, our holiday tunes err on the nontraditional side. More so now that, sometime between last year’s sale and this one, we experienced the unfortunate loss of one of our old favorites: A Christmas Together: John Denver & the Muppets.)

Everyone loves the holiday sale because not only do we get to get to hang out with tons of great folks we only see a couple times a year, meet new people we’ll now see a couple times a year, and stuff ourselves until the last remnants of the vegan “cheese ball” have been obliterated—we ALSO get to show off our newest and greatest offers and releases!

Who could resist joining the ranks of the Friends of AK with all that swag staring them in the face? Not to mention the gift ideas and our Nabat Series, Working Classics Series, and Seth Tobocman snack packs.

At any rate, we at AK always look forward to our twice yearly sales, and know that a lot of you do, too. We love to see your smiling faces and armfuls of books on a semi-annual basis! But don’t feel bad if you’re not local to the Bay Area—you know we’re happy to ship off to you any item your heart desires. Except the beer, I mean. Or the finger sandwiches. Really just stuff in our catalog. But that includes a lot of seriously worthwhile items. Yes, even sale items.