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Void Network BASTARD Talk

Posted on March 22nd, 2010 in AK Authors!, Happenings

That’s a nice title for a post, huh?

Two members of the Void Network from Greece and one US comrade were in the bay area recently, where they gave a series of kick-ass talks. The occasion for their visit (and their extensive US tour) was the publication of We Are an Image from the Future: The Greek Revolt of December 2008, just released by AK Press.

The illustrious dave id of Indybay wrote a nice review of their event at the BASTARD conference (that’s the Berkeley Anarchist Students of Theory and Research and Development, in case you were wondering). And he also provided an audio link to their entire hour-and-fifteen-minute talk, which you can listen to below. It seemed to be an amazing and inspiring experience for everyone who attended, so I highly recommend giving it a listen.

If you missed the talk and/or are blown away by the audio link below, don’t despair. The “We Are an Image from the Future Tour” has about three dozen more events planned for cities around the country…with more to be added. You can check out their schedule here.

Here’s the audio: