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Month: October 2010

Argentina’s anarchist past: Paradoxes of Utopia

Posted on October 20th, 2010 in AK Book Excerpts

We are proud to present one of our newest titles to readers of Revolution by the Book. Paradoxes of Utopia was written by Juan Suriano and published in Buenos Aires in 2001. Chuck Morse translated the English edition, putting the final touches on it in early 2010. The following excerpt is lifted from Juan’s introduction. […]

A Bargain Hunter’s Paradise: AK Press

Posted on October 18th, 2010 in AK News

Breaking with tradition this month, I decided to be totally lazy (read: frazzled, spread thin) and not choose a selection of books to offer at 50% until mid-month. Neat eh? Sorry about that. We’ll prob extend this sale by a week or so to make sure you have a decent amount of time to pick […]

10th Annual Teachers For Social Justice Conference

Posted on October 14th, 2010 in AK News, Happenings

‘Twas an unusually warm Saturday morning. But the prospect of a relaxing day was not going to stop me from supplying the world (SF Mission District) with highly classified literature ( With Slingshots in one hand and bag of walnuts in the other, AK Press crossed the Bay Bride to attend the 10th Annual Teachers […]

Coming Soon: “Work: 2011 Calendar”

Posted on October 13th, 2010 in AK News

Okay, so you know AK Press Distribution has always been a reliable source your favorite calendars and organizers. We’ve already got 2011 Slingshots in stock, and we’ve got a bunch of other great ones on the way again this year—we’ll post about all of those soon. But this year, we’re also trying something new and […]

Flash Launch in San Diego

Posted on October 5th, 2010 in AK Authors!, Happenings

We had the pleasure of launching AK’s latest book—a (gasp) novel—last weekend at the San Diego City College International Book Festival. Jim Miller’s Flash arrived fresh from the printer for the weekend’s festivities (it’s not even here in Oakland yet). As usual, the fine folks from San Diego City Works Press put on a great […]