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The Back to School Sale is still ON!

Posted on August 27th, 2011 in AK News, Happenings, Uncategorized

Despite the hurricane bearing down on our Baltimore office, the AK Press Back to School Sale is still on! All AK Press published titles are 25% off through the end of August. You can see a list of our published titles on our website, and read the details of the sale here.


Check out the latest arrivals below, and see our website for more!

NEW from AK Press!

After the Future After the Future

Franco “Bifo” Berardi · AK Press

Order Now for $12.71

(Regular list price is $16.95)

After the Future explores our century-long obsession with the concept of “the future.” Beginning with F. T. Marinetti’s “Futurist Manifesto” and the worldwide race toward a new and highly mechanized society, media activist Franco “Bifo” Berardi traces the genesis of future-oriented thought through the punk movement of the early ’70s and into the media revolution of the ’90s. Our future, Berardi argues, has come and gone; the concept has lost its usefulness. Now it’s our responsibility to decide what comes next. Berardi presents a highly nuanced analysis of the state of the contemporary working class, and charts a course out of the modern dystopian moment.

For a great sample of Bifo’s work, please visit our blog and read the Bifo text that was published in Adbusters (or see the talk on video!).

Author Event at AK Press Oakland

Ours to Master and to Own Ours to Master and to Own

Workers’ Control from the Commune to the Present

Immanuel Ness will speak on Thursday, Sept. 1 at 7pm at the AK Press warehouse in Oakland.
See the event listing for details. If you are on Facebook, please invite your friends here! (If you’re not on Facebook, we hope you’ll invite them the real-life way).

Those of you outside of the Bay Area, check out the book on our website, and see our events calendar to find author tours and other upcoming events near you!

Coming Soon from AK Press: Preorder Now!

Captive GendersCaptive Genders

Trans Embodiment and the Prison Industrial Complex

Edited by Eric A. Stanley & Nat Smith · AK Press

Preorder Now for $14.96

(Regular list price is $19.95)

Pathologized, terrorized, and confined, trans/gender non-conforming and queer folks have always struggled against the enormity of the prison industrial complex. The first collection of its kind, Eric A. Stanley and Nat Smith bring together current and former prisoners, activists, and academics to offer new ways for understanding how race, gender, ability, and sexuality are lived under the crushing weight of captivity. Through a politic of gender self-determination, this collection argues that trans/queer liberation and prison abolition must be grown together. From rioting against police violence and critiquing hate crimes legislation to prisoners demanding access to HIV medications, and far beyond, Captive Genders is a challenge for us all to join the struggle.

Check out this new review of Captive Genders in Xtra!, and then preorder your copy!

New from AK Press Distro

Spectacular Capitalism

Spectacular Capitalism

Guy Debord & the Practice of Radical Philosphy

Richard Gilman-Opalsky · Minor Compositions · $18.00

Despite recent crises in the financial system, worldwide decline of faith in neoliberal trade policies, deepening ecological catastrophes, and global deficits of realized democracy, we still live in an era of “spectacular capitalism.” But what is “spectacular capitalism?” It is the dominant mythology of capitalism that disguises its internal logic and denies the macroeconomic reality of the actually existing capitalist world. Drawing on the work of Guy Debord and taking on this elusive mythology, and those who too easily accept it, Richard Gilman-Opalsky exposes the manipulative and self-serving narrative of spectacular capitalism.

To Hell with the Ugly

To Hell with the Ugly

Boris Vian · Tam Tam Books · $15.95

The new release in Tam Tam’s series of Boris Vian novels, this is a fascinating hybrid of noir action, cheap science fiction, and hard sex in a dream land called Los Angeles. To Hell with the Ugly is one of the first novels to take on the issue of cloning, for the sole purpose of beauty: the elimination of all ugly people, to be replaced by beautiful clones. A new English translation of the 1948 French masterpiece. The translator, Paul Knobloch, says it’s “like a pornographic Hardy Boys novel set on the Island of Dr. Moreau to a be-bop soundtrack.” With a description like that, how could you go wrong?

Class Dismissed Class Dismissed

Why We Cannot Teach or Learn Our Way Out of Inequality

John Marsh · Monthly Review · $19.95

Class Dismissed debunks a myth cherished by journalists, politicians, and economists: that growing poverty and inequality in the United States can be solved through education. Using sophisticated analysis combined with personal experience in the classroom, Marsh not only shows that education has little impact on poverty and inequality, but that our mistaken beliefs actively shape the way we structure our schools and what we teach in them. Rather than focus attention on the hierarchy of jobs and power, money is funneled into educational endeavors that ultimately do nothing to challenge established social structures, and in fact reinforce them. Marsh’s struggle to grasp the connection between education, poverty, and inequality is both powerful and poignant.

Revolutionary Doctors Revolutionary Doctors

How Venezuela and Cuba are Changing the World’s Conception of Health Care

Steve Brouwer · Monthly Review · $18.95

A first-hand account of Venezuela and Cuba’s innovative programs of community healthcare, designed to serve (and largely carried out by) the poor. Drawing on long-term participant observations as well as in-depth research, Brouwer tells the story of Venezuela’s Integral Community Medicine program, in which doctor-teachers move into the countryside and poor urban areas to recruit and train doctors from among peasants and workers. This internationalist model has been a great success-Cuba is a world leader in medicine and medical training-and Brouwer shows how the Venezuelans are now, with the aid of their Cuban counterparts, following suit.

Introducing Economics

Introducing Economics

A Graphic Guide

David Orrell & Borin Van Loon · Totem Books · $9.95

Today, it seems, all things are measured by economists. The so-called “dismal science” has never been more popular – or, given its failure to predict or prevent the recent financial crisis, more controversial. But what are the findings of economics? Is it really a science? And how can it help our lives? Introducing Economics traces the history of the subject from the ancient Greeks to the present day. This is the latest arrival in the awesome “Introducing” series of graphic guides. Check out the other titles in the series too!

No-Nonsense Guides TWO New No-Nonsense Guides!

New Internationalist · $13.95 each

Another great series of introductory books on a variety of topics, the No-Nonsense Guides have been part of our catalog for years. But they keep putting out new ones and so we’ll keep offering them to you! The new arrivals are: The No-Nonsense Guide to World Population (Vanessa Baird) and The No-Nonsense Guide to World History (Chris Brazier). But we’ve got lots of other topics, too. Why not just see the whole series?

Package Deals Still Available!

If you haven’t taken advantage of these package offerings yet, you still have a chance! Stock up on great books and save money, who can argue with that logic? And stay tuned: we’ll be announcing new package deals in September. Have suggestions for a future package topic? Let us know!

Rethinking Education

Rethinking Education

Buy 4 items together and save $39!

Includes: Everywhere All the Time: A New Deschooling Reader; The Modern School Movement: Anarchism and Education in the United States; Academic Repression: Reflections from the Academic Industrial Complex; and Spell Albuquerque: Memoir of a “Difficult” Student. For more on the subject of education and schooling/deschooling, also check out the Kids/Education/Family section on our website.

Latin American Social Movements

Latin American Social Movements

Buy 4 items together and save $28!

Includes: Dancing with Dynamite: Social Movements and States in Latin America A Poetics of Resistance: The Revolutionary Public Relations of the Zapatista InsurgencyDispersing Power: Social Movements as Anti-State Forces; and  Zapatista Spring: Anatomy of a Rebel Water Project & the Lessons of International Solidarity. For more related titles, check out the Latin America section on our website.

More Package Deals More Package Deals

While supplies last… Get ’em while they’re hot!

We still have last month’s Greek Uprising Package, Prisoner Resistance Package, and Spanish Civil War Package… plus a couple of older ones, the “Anarchism Starter Kit” Package and the Ultimate DIY Package. We have limited stock on some of the included titles, so make sure you get yours before they disappear!

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