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We Are Many: Call for #Occupy Movement Stories

Posted on February 24th, 2012 in AK Authors!, AK Distribution, AK News, Anarchist Publishers, Recommended Reading

You knew it was coming, right? We have all been swept up in the incredible wind that is #Occupy. We’ve contributed, as a movement publisher, but also as movement actors, to the growth and development of this unique instant in history with zines, reading lists, blog posts, and our bodies out in the streets and in the squares. Now we’re happy to announce our contribution to the growing field of literature about and around #Occupy, WE ARE MANY: REFLECTIONS ON MOVEMENT STRATEGY FROM OCCUPATION TO LIBERATION (due out this August, more info coming soon). And, we’re asking for your help in making this exciting project a reality … read on below:

In August 2012, AK Press will publish a book that pulls together stories, anecdotes, ideas, reflections, and strategic interventions drawn directly from the Occupy movement and our fellow travelers, with an eye towards illuminating key aspects of the strategy that has defined the mass actions in the US and beyond since September 17. The goal is to build a lasting resource, a strategic manual for future movements, to celebrate what went right, and learn from what went wrong. A key part of this learning experience is collecting stories from YOU, our fellow occupiers. We’re looking for short pieces (200-600 words) about your experiences with Occupy. About what went right, what went wrong. What inspired you, and what interrupted your inspiration. Advice for your fellow Occupiers. Aspirations. Critiques. Whatever moves you to write.

Not everything we receive will make it into the book, but we will endeavor to include a diverse set of stories, and may archive the others on a companion website if there is enough interest.

Please send your stories to Margaret Killjoy, one of the editors of the book, at Share this call out with your local Occupy comrades, and forward to anyone whose story you’d like to see in this book.

With thanks,

The We Are Many editorial team (Kate Khatib, Margaret Killjoy, and Mike McGuire)