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Great Interview with People’s Pension author Eric Laursen @RetireRevised

Posted on May 3rd, 2012 in AK Authors!, Current Events, Recommended Reading

What a great interview between Eric Laursen the author of The People’s Pension: The Struggle to Defend Social Security Since Reagan and Mark Miller on Retirement Revised! Eric really knows how to explain this complex issue and show why Social Security is best put in the hands of the people.

“But I think the more urgent need is to improve Social Security. Retirement is becoming hugely expensive in America, because of health care and other rising costs. Benefits need to be raised for people who work almost their entire careers in low-wage jobs. They need to be improved for widows and divorcees. Survivors’ benefits should be extended through the end of college, not just until age 18. Same-sex couples should be covered by Social Security. And there are other needs. The real tragedy of the Social Security debate, which I try to illuminate in The People’s Pension, is that a program that was set up to help working people hasn’t been updated in almost 40 years because we’ve instead been subjected to an endless, circular argument about solvency in the less-than-foreseeable future. Does it really make sense to shift more of the cost of care in old age from society, collectively, onto hard-pressed working families? What will that do to their ability to survive economically? Instead of constantly asking if we can afford Social Security, I think we should be questioning whether we could possibly afford to do without it. These questions almost never get asked anymore on Planet Washington, and I hope my book can help put them back in circulation.” Read More