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London Book Fair: Ricard de Vargas Golarons In Conversation With Peter Gelderloos on Salvador Puig Antich

September 22, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Features a black and white photo of Salvador Puig Antich. Text from top to bottom reads, "At the beginning of the 1970s, a wave of wildcat strikes and neighborhood assemblies swept the Spanish state, paralyzing the Franco regime, the longest lasting fascist dictatorship on the planet. Amidst this autonomous workers' movement, armed groups of anarchists and communists formed to support the struggle, smuggling in clandestine literature and expropriating banks to pay for the workers' illegal presses and support strike funds. The Catalan anarchist, Salvador Puig Antich, member of the MIL, Iberian Liberation Movement, was one of the last people executed under the Franco regime.  His old friend and comrade and a member of that movement, Ricard de Vargas Golarons, will talk about their experiences and lesson learned. Peter Gelderloos (who translated Ricard's book into English) will give a short historical introduction and provide sequential translation.  Salvador Puig Antich: The MIL, and the Autonomous Workers' Movement at the End of the Francoist Dictatorship. Wednesday 22nd PM |]

On Wednesday, September 22 at 7pm BST, join Ricard de Vargas Golarons and Peter Gelderloos for a discussion on Salvador Puig Antich: The MIL, and the Autonomous Workers’ Movement at the End of Francoist Dictatorship. Veteran of the movement Ricard de Vargas Golarons will discuss Wildcat strikes, expropriating banks, police repression, Anticapitalist direct action, and the transition from fascism to democracy. Register here!

Order your copy of Salvador Puig Antich: Collected Writings on Repression and Resistance in Franco’s Spain here.

In the early 1970s, Salvador Puig Antich of the Iberian Liberation Movement (MIL) was engaged in a fight to the death with Franco’s brutal fascist dictatorship over the future of Spain. They expropriated banks and smuggled clandestine literature in support of the growing movement of wildcat workers’ strikes. In 1974, the Franco regime garroted Puig Antich—literally strangled him to death. The charge was for shooting a policeman during his arrest, the details of which were contested. Puig Antich’s case became a cause célèbre internationally. This book makes sense of his life and death by placing them in their historical and political context. Some contributors describe the intensity of life in an armed group, others focus on the political debates in the MIL and the broader movement. Puig Antich’s comrades speak of the contemporary strike movement, his family members recount the wait for his execution. Sometimes perspectives clash, a testament to the conflicts, debates, and contradictions that form an integral part of this history of struggle.

Ricard de Vargas Golarons, former member of the Movimiento Ibérico de Liberación and prisoner of the Franco dictatorship, is now a movement historian.

Peter Gelderloos is a translator and author of, among other works, Worshiping Power.


London Book Fair