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Category: Current Events

Stop Lecturing Black People

Posted on June 1st, 2020 in AK Authors!, Current Events

A statement from Aishah Shahidah Simmons. ———- A brief word. I do not want to hear another politician, entertainer, athlete or anyone else of any race/ethnicity, use the media or other platforms to lecture to Black people about how we should respond to the virulent and relentless violence happening. I ain’t heard nary an auntie, uncle, mother, or […]

The Eclipse of Dreams [excerpt]

Posted on May 25th, 2020 in AK Book Excerpts, Current Events

As its subtitle implies, Eclipse of Dreams: The Undocumented-Led Struggle for Freedom, which we published earlier this month, is about the experiences of undocumented immigrants as well as what those experiences have to teach us about all struggles for liberation and justice. The following excerpt from the book’s “Prelude” section shares a central epiphany that […]

Coming Out of Isolation Stronger

Posted on April 27th, 2020 in AK Allies, Current Events

Political prisoners have a lot of experience with forms of social isolation much worse than most people will experience—it’s how the state tries to break them. Here’s a piece by anarchist prisoner Sean Swain talking about how he stays whole. It originally appeared on Sean’s website and you can hear him deliver it aloud on […]

Latin America: Collective solidarities and Covid-19

Posted on April 17th, 2020 in AK Authors!, Current Events

This article first appeared on Desinformemonos in early April. It was translated by Raphael Hoetmer and published on Toward Freedom (an important source of international news and analysis that you won’t find in the mainstream press). It’s author, Raúl Zibechi, has published three books with AK Press: Territories in Resistance A Cartography of Latin American Social Movements; […]

No longer merely metaphor: Re-reading The Plague by Albert Camus

Posted on April 15th, 2020 in AK Authors!, Current Events

Kristian Williams, author or editor of several AK Press books, including the forthcoming Resist Everything Except Temptation (pre-orderable now at 25% off), recently wrote this short essay on Albert Camus’ The Plague—and its relevance to our current plagued reality. It originally appeared on the Three Way Fight website (which we always recommend checking out). —– […]

Apocalypse of Ignorance

Posted on April 13th, 2020 in AK Authors!, Current Events

Veteran comic artist Seth Tobocman has an amazing new book out, a wordless graphic novel called The Face of Struggle. You should definitely check it out—especially since we are selling it pay-what-you-can until April 21st so people financially affected by Covid-19 can get a copy. In the meantime, Seth recently made the incisive comic below […]

Anarchy & the Rise of Mutual Aid — with Cindy Milstein

Posted on April 10th, 2020 in AK Authors!, Current Events

“We turn to each other and say: ‘How can we care for each other on all levels of our lives in ways that don’t involve hierarchy and domination and coercion?’” In this moving podcast, Maura James McNamara interviews AK Press author Cindy Milstein. Cindy has given us with many titles, including Anarchism and Its Aspirations, […]

How to Keep Your Cool While Bad Things Are Happening

Posted on April 9th, 2020 in AK Authors!, Current Events

Hi friends! Below, we present a great article by Kimberly Dark, author of Fat, Pretty, and Soon to Be Old. We’re all dealing with a lot of fear and uncertainty these days. Figuring out how to live with it will go a long way toward helping us relate kindly to one another—to our friends, comrades, […]

Because of Their Violence

Posted on June 19th, 2018 in AK Authors!, Current Events

This is a guest post from Shane Burley, author of Fascism Today. Shane has the last event of his east coast tour this evening in Washington, DC—see here for details! White nationalism is implicitly violent, it cannot exist without it.  The proposition is, by its own merits, steeped in the most expansive and profound sorts […]

Black Bloc, White Riot author AK Thompson on uprisings, “violence,” and other age-old questions

Posted on January 30th, 2017 in AK Authors!, Current Events

Call it the return of the repressed. Reviewing footage from the D.C. demonstrations on January 20, I couldn’t help but weep. Between the people locked down with PVC pipes in static blockades, the demonstrations that swelled to proportions so great that even journalists were forced to use adjectives like “historic,” and the magnificent meme-able resurrection […]